I view service to academic and local communities as a valuable opportunity that I can contribute to the society that I belong to. I hope to spread a positive influence on the communities through my research and teaching that bring attention to under-served populations in computing education and raises awareness for CS for all. This can be seen in my services at the local, state, and national levels presented in the following. I intend to contribute to the local and academic community as I move forward as an education scholar.

Service to the Department

IST Conferences


  • Tech Support Leader, Proposal Selection Team Member

  • Coordinated tech volunteers and troubleshooted AV equipment and technical problems

  • Reviewed submitted proposals

Service to Local Community

Childs Elementary School

Instructional Assistant

  • Facilitated 6th-grade class for PBL-integrated CS lessons & after-school robotics club

  • Developed learning materials (e.g., planning worksheets, instructional guide)

  • Developed instructional materials

Jackson Creek Middle School

Instructional Assistant

  • Provided individualized scaffolding to students at the after-school coding club

  • Coached students for making interactive games using a visual programming language

Service to Research Communities

Academic Reviewing

  • Review panel for AERA (Division C)

  • Editorial assistant for AECT

Volunteer in Conferences

  • Moderated in-person and virtual sessions in AECT

  • Managed technical problems